Awards and Recognition

As a  volunteer based organization, ASCLD/LAB has benefited, since its creation,  from the tireless contributions of hundreds of volunteers. Volunteers have served in a variety of ways  including program writers and reviewers, assessors, board members,  proficiency review committees, technical advisory committees and various other  committees and special assignments. ASCLD/LAB has limited ways to recognize the numerous contributors aside  from saying thank you.

Over the years two ASCLD/LAB awards have been established to recognize individuals who  have made significant contributions. The  two awards which ASCLD/LAB currently presents are the Doug Lucas Award and the Longhetti / Keaton Assessor Excellence Award. Doug, Tony and Ralph (Bud) were major contributors to the early success of the ASCLD/LAB accreditation  program. The awards were established to honor Doug, Tony and Bud and to have standing awards to recognize those who followed with equally important contributions.

The Doug Lucas Award 

Every year, ASCLD/LAB may solicit nominations for the Doug Lucas Award. In the event multiple nominations are received, the ASCLD/LAB Board may appoint an awards committee to assist in evaluating the nominations and presenting a recommendation to the ASCLD/LAB Board. If created, the Awards Committee should consist of five Delegate Assembly members, at least one of whom shall be a Board member. The award recipient shall be selected by a majority vote of the ASCLD/LAB Board. No more than one recipient may be selected in a 12 month period. The Lucas Award need not be given annually. Read More

Longhetti / Keaton Assessor Excellence Award

This award is given in honor of Tony Longhetti and Ralph Keaton and their legacy in training ASCLD/LAB Volunteers to be knowledgeable, thorough, objective and compassionate during the conduct of accreditation assessments. The award is eligible to Assessors and/or Lead Assessors. Nominations can come from the Executive Director, Staff Assessors, Lead Assessors and Assessors. This award is voted by the Board of Directors upon nomination. Read More