ASCLD/LAB-International Testing Program

ASCLD/LAB-International Accreditation of Forensic Science Testing Laboratories

The accreditation of forensic science testing laboratories applies to any laboratory performing forensic testing activities in the disciplines of Drug Chemistry, Toxicology, Trace Evidence, Biology, Firearms/Toolmarks, Questioned Documents, Latent Prints, Crime Scene and Digital & Multimedia Evidence.

Interested laboratories (including crime scene programs and computer forensic programs operating outside of a traditional laboratory) may obtain the ASCLD/LAB-International Program Overview which will provide an explanation of and timelines for the accreditation process below.

The Value of Accreditation

The importance of demonstrating that all forensic services are provided in accordance with accepted standards has increased in recent years.  Accreditation provides that essential, external, independent review.  Accreditation increases the level of confidence for customers and all interested parties in the work and work product of the laboratory.

The following PowerPoint presentation may be helpful in the promotion of ASCLD/LAB Accreditation to laboratory staff and parent organizations:

Read more about the benefits and advantages of becoming an accredited laboratory:

International and Sector Specific Accreditation Requirements

The ASCLD/LAB-International accreditation program for forensic science testing is based on:

To obtain the accreditation requirements/program documents, a User License Agreement and ISO Certification Statement must be completed and returned to ASCLD/LAB.  These documents can be obtained by clicking here.

Support from ASCLD/LAB

To assist you with better understanding the accreditation process, training courses related to the ASCLD/LAB-International Forensic Science Testing Program are offered by ASCLD/LAB.

Course dates and locations can be viewed here.

Please contact any member of the ASCLD/LAB Staff to learn more about the accreditation of Forensic Science Laboratories.