The Corrective Action Process: Root Cause Analysis Basics

cover RCA 2016 websiteSpecific Training Objectives:

  • learn the difference between correction and corrective action,
  • learn why blaming the individual is missing the point, and
  • learn the basic steps of corrective action and root cause analysis.

Participants will acquire skills, approaches and tools for evaluating and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of a management system through effective root cause analysis and implementation of corrective actions.

Course Structure: The course content is presented in a series of four (A-D), live web-based modules, two hours each day, and will be scheduled during general business hours to accommodate a majority of time zones. Participants are required to take the courses in sequence and an attendance certificate will be emailed to the attendee after all four segments are completed.

Technical requirements: The course does require the participant to have high speed access to the internet, receive invitation emails with hyperlinks to connect to the course, the most recent version of Adobe Flash Player [different than Adobe Reader] and access to a phone to call in to a conference phone number. Please ensure all of these elements are addressed with your respective IT department at least the day before a class is scheduled. 

Class Size:  A minimum of 10 students and a maximum of 30 students

Fee Structure:  The cost of the course is $250 (includes all 4 modules). This fee will cover the cost of registration, all course materials and an attendance certificate.

The price is per “participant”. The person(s) officially registered for the course will be:

  • the only one(s) that can participate in course discussions
  • the only one(s) to receive a certificate of participation for the training and therefore, the only one that can state that they have received this training from ASCLD/LAB
  • Please note that ‘observing’ and/or ‘auditing’ will be considered ‘participating’ and these persons are expected to formally register for the course

Payment: ASCLD/LAB accepts payment by credit card, check or purchase order.  Tax is not charged for course registration fees. Payment should be received by ASCLD/LAB prior to the class.

Interested parties should submit a completed the registration for training form to secure a seat in the course. Registrations can be e-mailed to or mailed to ANAB Training Applications, 2000 Regency Parkway, Suite 430, Cary, NC 27518. For faster processing, please e-mail.

The course is also available as a one day ‘direct contract’ course which can be held in-person at a laboratory, a regional meeting or a conference. Please contact Anja Einseln for more information about this option and pricing. 

NOTICE: It is the expectation that only the formal registrant of the course will review the materials presented and participate in the course. If it is identified that additional participants are attending the webinars without officially registering [thru hearing other participants on the phone line or thru email or chat questions], the agency will be contacted and charged the appropriate fee. If a course participant would like to share the material with co-workers through a “train the trainer program”, written permission is required from the course Instructor.

Instructor contact:
Emma Dutton, Instructional Designer

Registration and Billing Information:
Amy Moore, Program Assistant

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